How do you feel…


…when you read a really good book by your favourite author? Does it give you a warm, contended glow and make you curl your toes in anticipation of the next novel by the same writer? That’s how I feel, but it can set you up for a crashing fall. How so? Well writers, believe it or not, are only human and therefore subject to the same frailties as the rest of humanity. The next novel might not be as good as the previous and this apparent “slump” can continue for awhile and this, in turn, can leave the readers with a sense of loss and disappointment. But most novelists eventually regain their “mojo” and their fans greet this return to full writing power with open arms.

For unknown writers like me, the writing gods temporary fall from power can, in a strange way, prove encouraging; if such  giants of the literary world can have off days, then it’s okay for me to have off days too. Trouble is, sometimes I seem to have more of that kind of day than I do of the other. 😀

That said it’s not wise to dwell on such dire episodes, but strive to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and just damn well get on with it.



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