I’m curious – what about? Well I’d love to know what attracts a reader to a particular book or genre. My own preferences are, of course, speculative fiction, along with murder mysteries. For instance, I love the Midsomer Murder books, by Caroline Graham. She creates characters that are totally believable and her backdrops are three dimensional. She even breaks the rules, occasionally, by “head hopping”, changing point of view from character to character, within the same scene, but the writing is so tight, it works.


I love detailed writing like that. Detailed, yes, but not so over-detailed, the story gets lost. I also like trying to guess “whodunnit” and feel very clever if I get it right.


As for speculative fiction, well the name says it all, doesn’t it? To wonder what if this happened. Or to make possible the seemingly impossible. To push beyond the boundaries of the mundane and explore new scenarios, new worlds even.


I know some of my reading influences came from my family, but our tastes are very diverse. My father likes political thrillers, my brother prefers more factual material, and me? Well, I love ’em all, but my first and foremost preference is Fantasy, be it classic high fantasy, or YA urban fantasy – bring ’em on! 😀



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6 Responses to “Curiosity.”

  1. Like you, Kate, I love fantasy over every other literary form. You find elements of fantasy in so many literary novels, especially historical, maybe because earlier people found it easier to ‘see’ things, and believe in what they couldn’t see. It’s that tiny element of the unreal that piques my curiosity. I can’t stand navel-gazing novels where every detail has to be picked apart and analysed. Give me a flight of honest fantasy any day.


  2. A great cover is always a starting point for me. When I’m in a bookshop browsing, I do buy with my eyes. If the cover is bad, I’ll put it down or won’t bother with it in the first place. If it’s good, it will make me want to pick it up and see more. Great word of mouth is good too, when I get a recommendation from a friend, invariably I’ll go and buy the book. Not always though…I’ve had two friends tell me to get Fifty Shades…not in this lifetime!!! But of course I’m naturally drawn to my interests (fantasy, history, geography etc), so those books tend to get my curiosity going. 😀


  3. Depends on your definition of “fun”. 😀


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