Not going to work happy.


The above title probably doesn’t make sense, but it expresses the way I feel. I previously wrote a post called, Going to work Happy, in which I explained I’d made such progress with my writing, I actually didn’t mind going to work.

Well, for the next five days, I’m off work on holiday and that makes me really happy. It means I can please myself what I do, where I go and the sense of freedom is just a little heady 😀

I’m also off the next Monday and Tuesday, but I don’t count them as part of my little jaunt, because I will be having extensive dental work, which I’m not looking forward to.  However, needs must, and all that. Hopefully, when it’s done, I’ll have a big grin on my face – or not – as the case may be.



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4 Responses to “Not going to work happy.”

  1. Happy start to your week off, Kate.


  2. Nice little play on words, Kate. I would love to hear how well Midnight is doing. And what of the Gloaming? Good luck with the dental.


    • Hi Ryan, how are you? Not sure about Midnight, ‘cos I don’t know how to check on Amazon, apart from its rank, which is pretty low. Gloaming is due to be published soon and I’m working on the third book, for which I also have contract. It’s to be called, Dawn Rising.


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