What a weekend!

What have I – you ask yourselves – been up to? No, I haven’t been chugging down the old vodka, or indulging in wild nights on the town. Nor have I been indulging myself with chocolate Easter eggs, haven’t even caught a glimpse of the egg carrying bunny. So then, you demand, what have you been doing!

Simply reading, until I thought my eyes were going to fall out. I’ve been reviewing two novels:


by Ross M Kitson and:


by Jane Dougherty, both of which were stonking reads! (that means great for those of you not familiar with scousims).

I’ve still got one more review to do on a children’s story and some interviews coming up, then it’s back to my own opus, Dawn Rising.

By the way, if anyone actually reads this post and is looking for a book to review, I’m – er – always up for some positive feedback 😉




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