A story fit for Kings, Queens, Demons and Angels!


I’ve just this minute finished reading Jane Dougherty’s The Dark Citadel, and what a read it was! Filled with characters for the reader to love, hate and admire, this story carries such a wealth of tension and worry on behalf of the protagonists, I very nearly had a stroke! Primarily fantasy, there’s also a touch of mythology and the dystopian, making an eclectic, enthralling mix of the fantastical.

No matter how fast I read, I couldn’t stop until forced by tiredness and the need to eat, I unwillingly put the book down. When I reached the end, I felt elated, yet at the same time deflated that it was over, done. This writer has the enviable talent to draw the reader into the dystopian world she’s created, not only with the charisma of her characters, but her vivid descriptions too:

Here and there jagged splinters of rock rose, some straight, some leaning crazily. Chasms and fissures split the earth, and the sandy plain was pockmarked with craters, some small enough for a man to curl up in, others several times the size of the great square of Providence and as deep as the Parliament building. Quaking ponds popped and hissed as gas bubbles burst like boils at their viscous surface, the noxious fumes rasping Zachariah’s throat raw.

The images accelerated, a flickering film of towns spreading, shrinking, tumbling into ruins, of tall warehouses, cranes and aerials, roads, cars, cargo ships.

My only nitpick, and it’s a very minor one, is the slight overuse of adjectives in some places; that said, we’re all guilty of this at sometime or other, but other than that I can’t recommend highly enough the readability of this novel.



8 Responses to “A story fit for Kings, Queens, Demons and Angels!”

  1. Thanks so much Kate! My first review and it’s a beaut. I’ll have it framed.


  2. Thanks Jane, it was my pleasure. 😀


  3. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Kate Jack was kind enough to accept to review The Dark Citadel. Even better, she actually liked it! Here’s the review in all its glory.


  4. sloanetaylor1 Says:

    Great review! Congrats, Jane!!


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