A writer writes – right?


Having just completed the second book in The Silver Flute Trilogy, I was initially elated, then the past few months of trial and tribulations caught up with me and now I feel both exhausted and deflated. Why? Writing Through the Gloaming, hasn’t been easy. Not because I wasn’t prepared to work hard and had plotted the novel from start to finish. All my characters were in place and I was raring to go. I managed to get the words down and then edited afterwards – all that was fine. So why the exhaustion and deflation?

Firstly, as some of you may remember, I wrenched my right shoulder, which not only made typing problematical, but affected almost every other aspect of my day to day routine: eating, cooking, taking a shower, getting dressed and even driving my car. Then I came down with a chest infection and the ultimate blow was my faithful netbook breaking down.

All that’s behind me now and I decided to take a well earned rest. However here’s the crunch, I can’t. I feel as if I’m wandering in the wilderness. I need to write. Without this activity, I feel empty and bored, bored, bored.

So I’ve dug out a fresh notebook, grabbed a handful of pens, with the firm intention of beginning to plot out the third and final book in the trilogy: Dawn Rising. Fingers crossed, it’ll be plain sailing this time.

Wish me luck. 😀

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2 Responses to “A writer writes – right?”

  1. Atta girl, Kate! You know that’s exactly what you really want to be doing.


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