Evolve or perish?


In order to survive, every living creature, over the decades, has evolved in order to adapt to situations thrown at them. This doesn’t just apply to life itself, but can be said of most things. If a situation isn’t working, then change it – in other words, evolve a new means of dealing with it.

In my personal circumstances, I’ve had to take on board new ideas, methods and ways of dealing with my writing. If, for instance, I still wrote the way I did twenty years ago, I’d be in dire straits! When I look at some of my earlier work, I hardly recognise it as being mine. My current style has evolved way beyond anything I ever did before.

I’ve done what anyone needs to do and that is adapt and change. So to any writers out there who refuse to take advice, who let their ego get in the way, or aren’t prepared to study the market and find out what readers really want, I’m sorry my friends, but be prepared to go the way of the dinosaurs.



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