…I’m back!

Some of you may be aware that my faithful netbook, pictured above, broke down last week and I had to put it in for repairs. The problem turned out to be an LV cable, which connects to the graphic card. Anyway, during its weeks absence, I had to use my dad’s old laptop, which has a tiny memory and as a result was so slow, I could’ve grown a beard while I waited for it to boot up.

Of course this would happen when I’m right in the middle of editing my latest WIP, Through the Gloaming. The word function on the laptop was not correctly configured and I didn’t dare try to correct it, in case I was left without a computer at all.

But now, fingers crossed, all is well and I’m back online and back to blogging. God, I’ve missed it sooo much! 😀





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4 Responses to “Hurray…”

  1. Glad to have you back in the ether!


    • Ta mate. How’s Trixie? Was thinking about her the other day, when Meg was trying to hog the bed again. 😀


      • I was just thinking I ought to give an update on Little Treasure’s antics. She’s been quite calm actually just lately. She’s got the whole household behaving more or less as required, not bothering her when she’s asleep, moving over when the food’s dished out, that kind of thing. It can’t last.


  2. No, it can’t. They have a habit of turning the tables on you. 😀


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