Things to warm the cockles of your heart


Remember when I told you I only had a crappy halogen heater to keep me warm? Well feast your eyes on this super duper, retro oil-filled radiator my brother very kindly bought for me.

Okay, the feet are a bit ugly, but it does the trick. It warms my room nicely and the thermometer cuts out when it reaches the required heat and then comes on again, when it drops.

I’m as happy as a pig in muck 😀 Not only am I toasty warm, but I can grip a pen in fingers that actually have blood circulating through them, which means I can write without having to stop every five minutes to rub some life back into them.

So the cockles of my heart are thoroughly warm and my wip marches ever onwards to its spectacular finale.

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3 Responses to “Things to warm the cockles of your heart”

  1. Sitting here freezing with a sleeping bag over me in case the oil runs out…so I sympathise with the numb white frozen hands and lack of circulation bit! 😛


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