Tools of the trade.


Apart from a fertile imagination, what other “tools” does a writer need? For me it’s my netbook, pictured above, along with pens, notepads and some peace and quiet.

In a way I suppose I’m a bit of a dinosaur, in that I still write out my manuscripts by hand, before typing them into my netbook or computer. I’m also an obsessive collector of pens, three of which are also shown above.

From left to right, the first is a standard ballpoint, followed by my green dragon pen and finally my red and gold dragon fountain pen. Yes, I like dragons, quite fitting for a writer of speculative fiction 😀

Almost everything I’ve ever written is contained in numerous notebooks, of all sizes, designs and colours. These are my “tools”, without which I couldn’t function as a writer. Like most authors I carry a notebook, or pad, along with various pens, everywhere I go. You never know where or when ideas will strike, so best to be prepared.



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5 Responses to “Tools of the trade.”

  1. I’d put peace and quiet first on the list—the hardest to come by.


  2. Ain’t that the truth 😀


  3. If you’re a dinosaur, Kate, then so am I – I handwrite all my stuff first, too. It’s easier to curl up somewhere cozy with a notebook and pencil than even the smallest laptop. And less of a pain when something goes wrong, too. Much easier to sort out a replacement pen or pencil than a computer issue. 😀


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