Ode to the joys of editing.


The last chapter has been written and the end of the story sealed off; now it’s time to edit. For me this is the best part of the writing process. To craft, sculpt and refine the whole, is a thing of joy and immense satisfaction. To put flesh on the bones of the story and see it truly spring to life under your fingers, as they skip and hop across the keyboard, is to feel the very essence of creativity. Is there any other feeling like it? For me the answer is no.

Bringing to fruition the second of my Silver Flute Trilogy is a great achievement, because I wasn’t sure I could keep the original characters both the same and yet have them also evolve. I was afraid that any new characters I introduced wouldn’t add to the story and help it continue its journey into the third book, but I think I’ve achieved both these things. How do I feel about that? Simply wonderful.



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