Another sleepless night?


As you can see Meg’s hogging the bed again and to add insult to injury is doing the moggie equivalent of snoring. Even worse, I have to be up at 5.15am to get some writing done, before getting to work for 7am.

So, is it another sleepless night? Not on your Nellie! I’m going to find my gardening gloves and detach the little pest from the bed and then I might shut her in the spare room. Don’t worry, she has two – yes two – beds in there. One’s a traditional wicker cat basket, lined with cushions and blankets and the other is a cat igloo, lined with faux fur and another little cushion.

Just for once, she’s going to sleep in her own bed and not mine. Stop laughing – I really, really mean it!



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2 Responses to “Another sleepless night?”

  1. But she looks so peaceful there…


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