Dear Diary…

diary 3

What is it about cats and the power they have over us mere humans? It’s 7.23 am and I’m writing this post in my pyjamas, freezing cold, ‘cos my cat, Meg, won’t relinquish my dad’s old dressing gown and my other one is in the wash.


Why don’t I just move her and reclaim what’s mine? Well, the look on her face is enough to deter me and also what’s mine is, technically, hers too.

Why do we keep cats? They don’t work, just eat, sleep and are very mean with their affection. Their beauty and charm are, of course, part of the reason why we tolerate these sometimes insular and selfish creatures, but also because they provide companionship, love and the grace that is a cat.

One of God’s better inventions? Yes, I’d say so. 😀





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