Dear Diary…

diary 2

…IT’S STILL BLOODY FREEZING!!! and I’m fed up!

Not because of the weather, per se, but because my stupid Renault Scenic car has sprung a leak. The driver’s foot well is constantly damp and we’ve tried everything we can to trace where the water’s coming from.


We’ve poked behind the mud flaps and removed a ton of grunge, but still the leak persists. The manual says it could be coming from behind the windscreen wipers, but you have to take them off, in order to clear the channel behind them. Hah! Not flipping likely! Getting them off’s one thing, putting ’em back…I have trouble putting the top back on the milk.

So it’s back to the garage for about the umpteenth time and more money from my long suffering purse. Ho hum, such is life.


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2 Responses to “Dear Diary…”

  1. It could be your cooling system. When the heater core leaks, it can make the floorboard of your car damp.


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