“Without hard work, talent is not enough” – Henri Matisse

writingNever was a truer word said. You may have talent by the bucketful, but if you don’t work at whatever is your chosen path in life, it’s unlikely you’ll get anywhere.

I’ve striven for the best part of forty years to become a writer, a writer who can entertain, lift people from the mundane into worlds beyond their previous imaginings. I haven’t always succeeded and at times came very close to giving up. Following my chosen path in life hasn’t been easy, nor should it have been. If you want to become the best, to become as near perfect as possible, then it involves effort, patience and persistence. One might even paraphrase the above quote and say without these ingredients, talent is not enough.

So whatever way you choose to take through the jungle that is life, keep your head up, ignore your detractors, and carry on until you achieve your aim.


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