Dear diary…conumdrum

diary 3

What to do, what to do? All my characters, being my creations, are dear to me – even the bad ‘uns. You’ve heard the phrase: “kill your darlings?” Well the time’s come for me to do just that. Er, not “kill” exactly, but extract from the rest of the story.

I really don’t want to do it, however this character, dear though he is to my heart, no longer has a part to play in the unfolding saga of my wip. So in order for the plot to move on he has to go, partly for the reason given above, but mostly to make room for new personalities.

It strikes me that being a “creator” isn’t all fun and games, one sometimes has to be quite ruthless. That said, perhaps this particular character can make a spectacular return in the final book.

Now there’s a thought.

midnightdayscover (Hardback UK) ((Kindle UK) (Hardback US) (Kindle US)


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