Dear diary… a writer writes.


What is a common fault amongst authors – no matter what genre they write in? Procrastination. There are very few of us, I should imagine, that can write at a steady pace each and every day. Some, like myself, lack self-discipline, or simply don’t have the amount of time we would like to devote to our work. However, be that as it may, there really is no excuse, beyond life threatening situations or family emergencies.

Yes, we have to work or look after children, pets and so on, but every minute not spent doing these things should, in theory, be devoted to getting on with whatever work in progress we have in hand. But what do we do instead? We tell ourselves one more minute watching TV or ironing, or whatever – anything other than simply getting on with writing. Is it worth it? Hell no!

The constant nagging of your conscience, the frustration at not writing, all build up and up, but still we persist in shying away from achieving our goal of completing our word count for the day. Yet when we finally give in and settle down, the feeling of having accomplished what we set out to do is wonderful.

So I’m not waiting for New Year, I’m making a resolution right now. I will write every day, at least 2,000 words and I will stop faffing about – life’s far too short.

Watch these pages and see if I succeed. šŸ˜€

midnightdayscover (Hardback UK) ((Kindle UK) (Hardback US) (Kindle US)



10 Responses to “Dear diary… a writer writes.”

  1. Most challenging. Best success. I must pay heed, filter out distracting stimuli and arrange words into pockets of time.


  2. Yes, that’s definitely the key, to try and write everyday no matter what and NOT to be distracted. Problem comes when that awful two-headed demon ‘Writer’s Block’ strikes and makes those precious set aside times for writing, arduous periods of torture, when you know you have to write, must write, but you simply cannot. The pen stops, the ideas frozen in your mind, you know what you need to write but are totally incapable of doing it.

    Then, those awful distractions suddenly seem like ambrosia from the gods…yeap, times like that I find myself literally forcing myself to write, anything, notes, sections of speech, poems, blogs, anything to desperately try to keep the pen moving and any semblance of ideas flowing. Tricky tricky one! But huge good luck to you sweetie, I think that is an admirable hoal to go for, I’m sure you can do it! šŸ˜€ xx


  3. goal not hoal….dear dear, my typing strikes again! šŸ˜›


  4. Good luck to you, Kate. I had a similar experience this year. I started numerous projects, but half-way through, I’d run out of steam and life would get in the way. In November I was faced with five unfinished manuscripts. I forced myself to pick one and gave myself a strict word count goal each day. I recorded my daily word count on a spreadsheet (because I’m a nerd like that). There were many days I didn’t want to write at all. I forced out one sentence at a time until sentences turned into paragraphs and paragraphs turned into chapters. It isn’t easy, Kate, but so worth it. I know you can do it!


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