The night before Christmas.

xmas tree

What was Christmas eve like for you, when you were a child? For me it was organised chaos, as Mum struggled to make preparations for Christmas dinner and one year Dad was still wallpapering the living room. My brother, who’s a little older than me, would be trying to watch The Lone Ranger, or Wagon Train on TV. And me? I’d be running around like a manic clockwork toy, overexcited and screaming my head off – I loved it.

Then it’d be time for bed. I’d be tucked up and warned to stay put or Father Christmas wouldn’t leave me any presents. Despite all my protests that I couldn’t sleep, I’d eventually nod off and wake up again in the wee hours of the morning.

I’d feel around with my toes, until they encountered the pillowcase holding my presents. Bearing in mind it was probably about 4am, I’d rocket out of bed and all hell broke loose. Toys were gleefully examined, gold foil wrapped chocolate coins were consumed, along with tangerines – all that before breakfast! My poor parents.


xmas bells 2



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