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When I first started to blog, I sometimes found it hard to find something to say. Nowadays it’s very different. I love to write, fiction mostly, and found composing articles something of a chore. However, my passion as an author has now transferred itself to expanding my writing horizons and I take great pleasure in “talking” about, not just my own work, but others too. It’s wonderful to share the success of my fellow novelists, to egg them on to even greater efforts and to be supported in turn.

Writing is a solitary occupation, although there’s always the “company” of your characters to fall back on. That said, it doesn’t do to become too insular. In order to write, even fantasy, you need to have life experiences that can be transferred to your stories; most anything can be molded to fit. And of course people themselves can be a limitless source of inspiration. Their traits, habits and idiosyncrasies can provide great ideas for fictional characters.

So I shall, I hope, be blogging for some considerable time to come. Forever reaching out into the world, seeking and searching for inspiration and the rich resources that await the attention of my pen. 😀





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