Why do cats and books go so well together?


Is it because they’re creatures of mystery, magic and romance? Or could it be they’ve been the inspiration of many a writer. Could it be their calming presence, or maybe it’s their beauty and charm that feeds the soul of an author? Are they the muse that fills the imagination with wonderful imagery?

Well whatever it is, I wish my bloody moggie had some of those qualities! Yes, she’s beautiful, but has the personality of a an anaconda with toothache. She’s about as charming as a migraine and has all the grace of the average hippo.

She hogs my favourite armchair and hisses at me if I try to move her. She has the eating habits of a pig and the tenacity of a starving wolf if she wants to be fed.

In short, I adore my cat and wouldn’t be without her. I just wish she wouldn’t keep biting the end of my pen when I’m trying to write.









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