it’s raining books – hallelujah!

books 2

There’s nothing better than a good book, we all know that, and in these days of electronic reading devices our buying power has never been greater. The publishing industry is on the change too, as the advent of self publishing allows writers the opportunity to get their work out there. However, this can be a doubled edged sword, as some of these books are far from readable and clearly not ready to be allowed out into the world. On the other hand there are a lot of little undiscovered gems too.


So, be it stormy or fair, the writing and reading world as we know it, is changing and expanding beyond its previously rather restrictive boundaries. In the main this is a good thing, allowing readers more choice and the ability to decide for themselves what they wish to read, rather than being dictated to by the trends and fashions the publishing houses churn out.  It also gives self publishing and new indie publishers opportunities that previously never existed.


So, let’s all join together to sing and dance in the rain of revolution and immerse ourselves in this bright new writing paradise.




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