How do you spend Christmas?

xmas tree

So is it with family and friends, which means organising a huge dinner, making sure everyone has a present, breaking up any arguments, and keeping the sherry out of Auntie Madge’s way. Does it also mean having to endure hours of Karaoke singing, the Queen’s speech and starting all over again at tea time?

Well, not for me. The above scenario is my idea of a nightmare. Been there, done that when I was a kid. It meant being dragged round to various relatives’ houses, dressed in my best and having to fight off my cousins, when they tried to grab my gifts.

I remember one memorable occasion at my aunt’s house, I must’ve been about eight years old. My uncle had spilled some beer on a nearby table and went to fetch a cloth to mop it up – he needn’t have bothered. His son, my cousin Adam, who was about one at the time, found an old sock and was busy mopping the beer up with it and then sucking the liquid out – yeuk!

Nowadays my dad and stepmother bugger off to Spain, from just before Christmas, until well after the New Year. They have a ball. My brother and I relax, have a nice dinner, watch telly and do what the hell we like – absolute bliss. It’ll be the same this year, spoiled only by the fact that Christmas and boxing day fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday, which means I’m in work on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Ah well, guess I can’t have it all my own way.





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