Too many cooks, antique dealers & quiz shows…


…spoil the broth.

Is it just me, or is television getting worse? There’s more than a soupcon of cookery programmes, from The Hairy Bikers to Jamie’s fifteen minute meals. How many cooks does it take to spoil the soggy stew that is early evening and Sunday night television? Am I alone in being fed up with this bland fest of how to make  a four course banquet from a packet of cornflakes and a bag of plain flour?


But hold on. If your jaded appetite can’t take one more show about food, how about antique shows, there’re plenty to choose from: Antique road show, Antique Road Trip, Flog it and so on and on and on.


However, there is another choice. How about yet another, boring, tedious quiz show? They flourish and breed, enhancing the culture of mediocrity, their contestants willing to do almost anything to win that elusive prize.

I know we’re in a recession, but this paucity of decent programmes is surely the thin edge of the wedge? Why can’t the TV license money be spent on something more palatable? Would it cost so much to offer a bit more variety and choice for the long suffering viewer?

Christmas is on the way, better stock up on DVDs or even a few good books.




2 Responses to “Too many cooks, antique dealers & quiz shows…”

  1. You are not alone. I find daily TV mind-numbing, haven’t watched it for years, though I pay a license for a lodger. Some news, films and docs I watch on I-tube. Apart from earning my living, I consider reading and writing as a more creative use of my time, even when I stay with a sentence in a book for an hour, or stare out of the window for a bird to bring the right word.


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