How does it feel…

…the weight of a real book in your hand, compared to holding a Kindle or similar device?

On the plus side for reading devices, there’s the convenience of having hundreds of books at your disposal, without the inconvenience of having to cart them around. One quick swipe with a duster and the screen’s cleaned, saving hours of dusting bookshelves, arranging the books, or if you’re like me, having to find a particular book amongst the many you have occupying every available space.

But does a reading device have a soul, the way actual books have souls? Does it sit in your hand like a living story teller, filling your head with the images and characters so lovingly printed on the pages of a real book? Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle and wouldn’t be without it. It saves damage being done to my precious tomes, such as dog eared pages, creased covers and horror of horrors – torn pages!

Since owning my Kindle, I’ve reached a happy balance: Kindle is used outside the house, books are read inside the house – bliss. But, as we say up North, there’s nowt to compare with the real thing.


5 Responses to “How does it feel…”

  1. When I get a Kindle I’ll let you know how it feels. I can’t wait actually.


  2. Thanks for the likes, guys. 😀


  3. I would rather have a Kindle in most cases. The convenience and lower cost for most books is a plus, but I must say when I held my own book in my hand, the feeling was overwhelming. There is nothing like holding your own work in your hand.


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