Can you Fly?

Can you allow your imagination to soar beyond the boundaries of reality? That’s what speculative fiction is all about, to take the impossible and make it so. To suspend your readers disbelief and make them believe. To create the ability to step outside the workaday world and enter another, where the wheels of everyday life grind to a halt.

So, can you fly? Can you take your ideas and float them on the sea of fantasy and entice others to join you? Everything is possible, or so it’s said. Dare to step outside your comfort zone and take your readers with you. Don’t be afraid to paint a picture in words that’s different, even unique, in an already crowded genre; there’s always room for more.

Expand your horizons, go beyond the difficult, strive for the very best you can be…and fly.


One Response to “Can you Fly?”

  1. Thanks Sophie. 😀


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