Would you have what it takes to survive?

Don’t look back; it’ll slow you down – just run.

The city had become the worst of urban jungles. Hunters ruled unchecked as Jeremiah Tully, running for his life, could testify.

The sound of running feet echoed along the pavement behind Jeremiah. A quick glance round showed a group of youths racing towards him.

Blind panic threatened to overwhelm him until he spotted a fire escape, attached to the side of an abandoned warehouse. He hauled himself up, hand over hand, feet slipping and sliding on the wet steps. At the top he paused, hunched over as he struggled to get his breath. Damp hair hung in rats’ tails over his face and his heart hammered against his ribs.

‘There he is!’

His pursuers were still after him. With a sound of despair he fled.




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