Road Rage.

Bent low over the handlebars, Shusta revved the engine of his bike, extracting every ounce of speed possible. Known as the dark knight of the road, he was determined to win this impossible challenge. He’d seen off all other competitors, crushing them beneath the wheels of his mechanical beast. Twisted, broken bodies littered the road behind him, its cracked and dangerous surface stained with fresh blood to add to the old.

 Shusta’s eyes blazed red, almost rivaling the brilliance of his headlight. His black helmet gleamed in the moonlight and his leathers creaked with every turn he made. Flames roared from the exhaust, lighting up the road known as Hell’s passage.

The bike almost took flight, as it raced up the hill, leading to the foot of the mountain called Devil’s peak. Sweat poured down Shusta’s face. He was going to make it – he was going to be the first to complete the run unscathed! Many had died attempting it, none had come as close as this. 

The road began to buck and twist beneath him, trying to bring him down, but he rode it like a surfer rides the waves of the sea. The tarmac cracked and split in an effort to swallow him whole, but he dodged and weaved. The sky above him filled with clouds. A gale sprang up, roaring its fury at his arrogance. Rain sheeted down, trying to blind him, but Shusta raced on.

Nothing could stop him – he was untouchable! Then he saw it, the gaping, tooth filled maw at the foot of the mountain. Too late he tried to brake. The smell of burning rubber filled his nostrils. The bike’s engine screamed its agony – then he was gone – swallowed up by the mountain.

Shusta had crossed the final finishing line. He’d won the race and received his prize…oblivion.


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