Wanted – new brain!

Ever feel as if your head is full of cotton wool? That’s my mind state most of the time these days. I’m finding it quite hard to concentrate on anything I do, mostly due to lack of sleep.

For instance I left my mobile phone in work and since I rely on its alarm function to get me out of bed in the morning, I was in a mild state of panic. Even though I have trouble sleeping for most of the night, for some goddamn reason I drift off for a couple of hours, just before it’s time to get up. Left to my own devices, I would snore my way through to midday if it wasn’t for the sickly sweet tone of the alarm on my phone.

I didn’t discover the absence of said phone until I was ready for bed. So, clad in my less than flattering pyjamas and my dad’s old dressing gown, previously mentioned in another post, I stamped round my room in search of the bloody thing. Having failed to locate it, I then exited onto the street, much to the fright of some small children and their parents, to search my car.

I rang the phone, shouted for the phone, even tried some witchcraft, all to no avail. Then I stopped and scraped together the few remaining brain cells I have left and realised I didn’t remember picking the damn thing up when I left work. It was sitting on my desk, ready to let rip with its alarm at 5.15 am.

So how did I resolve getting up on time? I resorted to using an antiquated, battery powered alarm clock, which went off at 4.45 am due to being a useless piece of crap and not very accurate.




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