Printed books vs e books

A few weeks ago I posted about e books and their place in our reading future. The use of reading devices, such as Kindles, is on the rise for a number of reasons: convenience, economy and ecological. But can they totally replace the pleasure of a “real” book? I don’t think so.

I have literally hundreds of paperbacks and hardbacks and you’d have to walk over my cold, dead corpse before you’d take any of them away. And yes, I’m insane enough to have some of those books on my Kindle as well. Best of both worlds? Damn right!

And that will, hopefully, soon include my own book, Land of Midnight Days. My publishers, Ecanus publishing, have recently announced that they’re going to put their e books into print – how cool is that!

So keep a weather eye out and watch for the printed version of the Silver Flute Trilogy. As I always say, miss it – miss out.


2 Responses to “Printed books vs e books”

  1. I’m reading your book on my Kindle at the moment (and really enjoying it!) but I will definitely be wanting the papercopy to add to my ever-growing collection of physical books!!


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