Things that get in the way of writing, part IV

Did I mention I “own” a cat called Meg? I’m sure I did. Well she’s yet another barrier to writing. Meg is too cute for her own good, despite having a temperament Genghis Khanย  might envy.

Why is my sweet, but barbaric cat, stopping me from writing? Because she won’t let me sleep! As soon as I turn the light off, it begins. She rootles around in plastic carrier bags, gets in the cat litter and scrapes, scrapes, scrapes. She swarms, and yes I do mean swarms, up the curtains, hanging from the top like some feline Tarzan. All that’s missing is the yodel, which she replaces with a kind of extended yowl.

Then there’s the prowling, back and forth, back and forth and no amount of missiles thrown at her will make this heavy pawed nuisance stop.

Morning eventually arrives and Meg begins a new campaign, getting me out of bed and over to the box of cat food. I swear to God, despite my anti-fur views, I’ll have a new hat and a pair of gloves this winter!


7 Responses to “Things that get in the way of writing, part IV”

  1. I’ve eyed our cat up for a very fetching beige cat shaped rug!! Her methods are more direct, she just sits on my keyboard!!! :s


  2. The little divil! Good idea about the rug. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I’ve heard it say that our animals reflect the state of our mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Direct biofeedback.


  4. I’ve got two cats and they’ve been in knock-down fights in the middle of the night. There’s hissing, snarling, and crashing. It’s a lovely way to be awakened.


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