Things that get in the way of writing, part II

Well I’ve got over the food poisoning, only to have wrenched my right shoulder to such an extent I’ve invented a few new swear words.

How did I do it? The embarrassing answer is I fell out of bed – and before you all pass judgement – no, I wasn’t drunk! 

Anyhoo it means I can’t use a keyboard properly or even, as I’m right handed, a pen. I’m on painkillers and anti-inflammatories, which gives me some relief, but then Mr Agony comes roaring back, turning me into an hysterical harridan of epic proportions. Stoicism? That’s for people with courage, fortitude and other equally irritating qualities.

Fooey to ’em all, I say.



6 Responses to “Things that get in the way of writing, part II”

  1. Autsch. Wishing you a speedy healing.


  2. Are trying for the sympathy vote here? Get well soon.


  3. Hi Katrina! Great post! I hope you feel better quickly! I’ll say a prayer 🙂


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