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A gentle hero with surprising talents.

By Ashen Venema 13 Sep 2012

This review is from: Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

I fell in love with Jeremiah, the boy who runs from perils a seasoned hero would struggle to face. Who wouldn’t like an understated character who surprises with ingenuity and hidden talents, and communicates through a charmed flute. A gripping and atmospheric story, not just for young readers.

Katrina Jack navigates urban fantasy with a fresh, new heading, September 11, 2012 by Ryan Holmes.

This review is from: Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

Tired of the familiar cat and dog spats between vampire and werewolf flooding the world of urban fantasy? Then click your way into the Land of Midnight Days and discover a fresh, new way of vilifying the city’s street trash as they plague upon its helpless citizens. Struggle to survive, even dare to fight back, alongside Jeremiah Tully and an unconventional weapon that’s both bewildering and beautiful. Characters modest and overconfident, timid and brave grace the pages within, connecting with the reader in a tangible way as they struggle against enemies drawing strong parallels from the villains of reality. The story is grounded in action and elevated with clever prose that makes the story enjoyable to the end.


Roll over, Mozart.,30 Oct 2012

By Nigel Fields
This review is from: Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

Katrina Jack managed to accomplish what I thought would never happen–enjoy urban fantasy. It was never a genre that I cared for. However, from the outset of her storytelling, I was won over. She clarifies the immediate tension via a `message’ of hate. By describing Jeremiah’s more slender-than-usual frame, we imagine what the Wannabes look like. The girl with the scar in the window was haunting and kept me interested in the plot. And then we have Ezra. Well, who could not move on to chapter two?
I love the line about Jeremiah: He knew how to survive but not how to live. The world Ms. Jack paints here, one of violence and apathy, is one we can relate to; as we likewise understand Jeremiah’s weariness over contempt and bigotry. How compelling it is when the author then weaves in something beautiful.
Throughout, this tale keeps the reader riveted. I am glad that I obtained a copy of this. Three cheers for Land of Midnight Days.

Exciting,27 Aug 2012

Laura StevensonAmazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

Land Of Midnight Days is one of those gripping books that once I started, I couldn’t put down because I just had to know what happened next. It begins with a chase and basically carries the reader from one dramatic event to the next. The characters are vividly brought to life in such a way that you can identify with each of them, and the City is described in such detail that you could almost be there, living through the drama. I really enjoyed this novel and can’t wait read the next part of the trilogy. I absolutely recommend it!!



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