Sundays, love ’em or loathe ’em?

As a child I always detested Sundays – why? – because it meant wearing my “best clothes”, going to church and having spam salad for tea; that still makes me shudder. Oh yes and the Mike Psalm singers on radio 1.

There was nothing on TV, apart from “holy” programmes, the news and documentaries. That is, until the BBC began showing their Charles Dickens series. Wonderful, albeit black and white, adaptations of Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, etc. The BBC were particularly excellent at producing such classics as these.

Nowadays I feel like I’ve come full circle, apart from the spam. Sunday TV seems to consist of quiz, cookery, antique and home buying programmes ad infinitum. Added to which, as the day drags its sorry self towards evening, I’m all too aware that Monday beckons and hence the start of a new working week. Ah well, as the song says: Ce sera, sera.


6 Responses to “Sundays, love ’em or loathe ’em?”

  1. Thanks Lindsey. 😀


  2. Thanks Sophie. 😀


  3. Loathe Sundays. Take today as a typical example, I’ve spent the WHOLE day doing work for…well….work. Sundays mean the last breathe of freedom before the weekly grind starts all over again. Sunday night blues, oh yeah. 😦


  4. Great idea! 😀


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