As humankind itself has evolved through the ages, and continues to do so, so too do most things in life.

My writing, for example, has evolved from its early beginnings into something almost completely different. Yes, it still contains certain elements that make it unique to me, but over the years – since I first put pen to paper – it’s developed refinements and nuances it formerly lacked.

This applies particularly to my latest piece of work: Land of Midnight Days. From the writing itself, to the different covers that graced its pages, Midnight has blossomed into something quite special – to me anyway.

Thanks to fellow writers and friends, I’ve learned a lot over the years, meaning that my understanding of the craft of writing has evolved too. My horizons, writing wise at least, have expanded way beyond their original boundaries.

Evolution is essential to us all. If we refuse to learn and grow, then we stagnate  and ultimately fail in whatever endeavors we choose to pursue.

Land of Midnight Days is now available on Amazon at:




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