Do you love to read?

So do these people. They read Land of Midnight Days and this is what they had to say:

You managed to accomplish what I thought would never happen—enjoy urban fantasy. It was never a genre that I cared for. However on reading the first few chapters of Land of Midnight Days, I was won over. Great opening line. Then you clarify the immediate tension via the message of hate. By describing Jeremiah’s more slender-than-usual frame, we imagine what the Wannabes look like. The girl with the scar in the window was haunting and kept me interested in the plot. And then we have Ezra. Well, who could not move on to chapter two?

I love the line about Jeremiah: He knew how to survive but not how to live. The world you paint here in the beginning, one of violence and apathy, is one we can relate to. Likewise, Jeremiah’s weariness over contempt and bigotry. How compelling it is that you end chapter two with a hint of something beautiful.
I will have to check in on Jeremiah again.

I’m a huge fan of urban fantasy, so I decided to check this out. Glad I did! The opening immediately pulls the reader into the story, and the way you introduce elements of backstory gradually makes for a fast-paced read. The descriptions are vivid and you do a really good job of building up a picture of the setting. The idea of the flute with unknown powers is intriguing, as are Jeremiah’s other abilities, and the fact that he’s viewed as an outsider engages our sympathy.

Throughout your uploaded chapters, your atmospheric world of violence and bigotry vividly comes to life. The action scenes are fantastic, almost cinematic in style. This is brilliant, compulsive reading, and I’m sure young readers will love it. Great stuff

I really enjoyed reading this. The writing is brilliant and I share the same feelings as the other readers. The descriptions are well written with enough detail to keep the reader wanting more. The action is fast paced and easy to follow. The manuscript is clean and the combination of words used adds to the delightful prose.

Coming soon, YA urban fantasy

Miss it, miss out.



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  1. Thanks Sophie. 😀


  2. Thanks, Lindsey. 😀


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