Writer’s rights.

For those of you lucky enough to have your work in the public libraries, you’ll be aware of an orginsation called: The Public Lending Right (PLR), who ensure that writers receive any income earned from the lending out of their novels.

The department of culture, media and sports plans to put a stop to this, even though the PLR operate well within their budget and are very good at what they do. Isn’t it bad enough that there are plans to shut down public libraries and other social and educational facilities, without rubbing salt into the wounds this government is inflicting, all in the name of so called economy?

Such services are not a luxury, they are essential for the well being of society as a whole. So, if either as a writer or a concerned member of the public you agree, go to this link and add your signature to the petition:










6 Responses to “Writer’s rights.”

  1. Love this. And so true!


    • Thanks Sammy. I can’t for the life of me fathom out why, in this time of vast unemployment, the government would want to deny income, no matter how little, to people.


  2. Well said, Kate! I know I’ve been supporting my local libraries, one of which was threatened with closure…but this? Dear dear…


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