Time to sleep…

…and rest my head.

I really must get to bed.

Later and later, I go to sleep.

When it’s time to get up, I want to weep.

Tired all day,

wakeful at night,

I close my eyes and hang on to my pillows,

but sleep wafts and billows,

far out of reach until the dawn,

when the alarm goes off and I yawn and yawn.

Then I could sleep, but it’s still denied,

by the need to get up, the need to rise

and go to work angry, weary and bleary eyed.








7 Responses to “Time to sleep…”

  1. Thanks guys. 😀


  2. Kate, are you sure we’re not twins? You know, the conjoined sort? Because this sounds awfully familiar. If we’re not, then you must have a secret ability to cross long distances at swift speeds that you’ve not shared with the rest of us. 😛


  3. Oh my goodness, you just pegged my year. =D My cousin actually refused to watch my kids while I worked on my novel unless I got a full nights rest. She claimed that I turned into a hel-beast without 6+hours sleep and coffee…
    And insomnia is a vicious cycle, as well, especially if you have the freedom to sleep in. You begin to forget what 8am looks like after a while… and then 9am… and then 10am… noon…
    Before you know it, its time to start back to work. That first morning, with the alarm buzzing at 6:30am, is guaranteed to be the foulest, most miserable morning in the history of mornings.

    …I’m on day 2.


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