Which would you chose – the mundane or a damn good read!

As I’ve said previously, the mundane seems to be on the rise. Bad grammar, typos, etc have become almost acceptable. So who’s to blame for the rise of the inadequate? Well in part us for ignoring these glaring mistakes, both as readers and writers.

Too many times I’ve read posts on writers forums that state grammar etc, is not important, the story is the relevant thing. But with such glaring omissions, how readable is the story? Fundamental mistakes such as using a lower case i, when referring to the first person is becoming ever more common. The incorrect use of “your” and “you’re”, not to mention “of” and “off”, along with “to” and “too”, all help to make a story downright unreadable.

The common perception of writers who make such mistakes is that an editor will sort it out. Wrong. Any publisher receiving a manuscript sprinkled with such errors, won’t even read past the first page and why should they? If a would be author can’t be bothered to present a pristine piece of work, why should a publisher or agent be bothered reading it?

So please, anyone who aspires to become published, do yourself a favour – present the very, very best piece of work you can and this includes all of the above. If you don’t, you might just regret it.








7 Responses to “Which would you chose – the mundane or a damn good read!”

  1. I love it when are’re on a war-path 🙂


  2. Terrible, aren’t I? 😀


  3. You go for it girl! 😀


  4. Grammar is absolutely important and a first draft is never ever ready for submission. Every aspiring author should be required to read this post, Kate.


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