Should you pay to be published?

The answer is a resounding no! Vanity publishers will take hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, dollars, lire etc off you and what do you get? A poorly produced e book, probably unedited, filled with typos and if it’s an actual printed novel, you will be expected to sell it yourself. Chances are that this too will be a cheaply produced tome and therefore unappealing to the reading public.

Although nowadays authors are expected to help with marketing their work, fair enough, those who choose to vanity publish will be expected to do all the marketing, with no help whatsoever from their so-called publisher. Bookshops ordinarily do not accept such products, fearing for their own reputations.

So why am I blogging about this particular subject? Well I’ve just read a post by a would-be-novelist, all excited at the prospect of being “published.” Problem is, it’s with a company that’s been named and shamed on such sites as Writers Beware, Absolute Write Water cooler and Predators and Editors.

That this person is far from ready to publish, be it traditionally or self-publishing, is evident from the spelling mistakes and lack of syntax in their posts. Should they decide to throw away their money, their so-called publisher will do little or nothing to correct any typos, grammar mistakes or spelling errors.

So, the moral of this tale is, money is paid to you by the publisher, not the other way round. Never, ever rush into anything and if you can’t be bothered learning the tools of your trade, then consider doing something else, because you will never succeed in the highly competitive game of writing. Remember, there are high quality writers out there who are struggling to get a break, so if you don’t polish your work until it shines, you’ll be on a hiding to nothing.

Finally, ask yourself why you want to be a writer: fame and fortune – highly unlikely – or because you want to share your imagination with the world?

You’ve been warned.



6 Responses to “Should you pay to be published?”

  1. Interesting post Kate and incisive as usual 🙂


    • Thanks Rose. It really irritates me when people fall for these con artists’ crap and find themselves lumbered with a totally unsaleable product and way, way out of pocket.


  2. But isn’t it such a shame that there are such con-artists about? Preying on the hopes and dreams of others…ughhh, feel dreadful for those that get sucked in. 😦


  3. Thanks Sophie. 😀


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