Memories of ghosts – part I

Just lately my conscience has been troubling me – strange -because it never has before. I’ve carried out my work with dispassionate efficiency, never straying outside the professional bounds of my calling. But glitches have begun to appear: a jolt of my hand, a pinching of my arm, even a shove in the back from someone who isn’t there.

Even as a child I excelled at my calling; maiming and finally throttling that small bird was my first kill – mother and father were so pleased. So, egged on by my parents, I moved on to bigger and better things.

My mother and father were two of the empire’s gatherers, collecting up the lives of those who reneged on their taxes, or stole from the Emperor’s treasury. Not one single enemy or wrong-doer escaped their creative attention.

So it was natural, given my latent talents, that I should follow in their footsteps. I killed, maimed and tortured, all in the name of our glorious leader. I excelled at it, became even better than my sires.

Then one day it all went wrong…



2 Responses to “Memories of ghosts – part I”

  1. Thanks, Sophie. 😀


  2. Thanks Lindsay 😀


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