I’m filled to the brim with happiness, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I’m so full of glee, I feel as if I could fly.

In my mind I skim above pure white clouds, tinged orange by the rising sun against the glorious backdrop of a pale blue sky. It surrounds me like a silken curtain and my ears are filled with the sound of fluting birdsong.

I descend to earth again, lightly, softly, sliding down shafts of sunlight that fill the air with bars of pale, misty gold.

My descent does not restore me to normality, rather it heightens even further my feeling of joy. This is a glad new day, filled with prospects both wonderful and sweet.



3 Responses to “Joy.”

  1. So nice, so well-said.


  2. Thanks Lindsey 😀


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