When the willow weeps for me.

I stand beneath the willow tree and cast my heart upon the rain flecked waters of the river. It sails away, taking all my love with it. Eventually it will reach the rapids, further downstream, where it will fragment and the last of my life’s meaning will be gone.

The willow tree weeps, the raindrops falling from it like tears. Tears run down my face too, but they are less easy to see, mingling as they do with the water falling from the darkened sky.

My chest feels hollow now that all my hopes and dreams have sailed away. I clutch one of the tree’s branches and lean out over the churning water. Perhaps if I follow my heart, I’ll be reunited with everything I hold dear… more likely not.

Life has turned to sludge since he went away; abandoning me for something he wasn’t even sure of himself. He gave it the name of adventure, seeking gold at the end of the rainbow, chasing after something that surely did not exist. Why pursue such tenuous things, when I could have given him everything I had to give: my soul, my love, my heart’s desire.

The wind rises, lashing the weeping willow’s branches so that its tears splash across my face. My hair becomes entangled in its embrace, as if it sought to offer me comfort and I took it.

My feet slide easily down the muddy riverbank, until the water has me in its grip. As I sink beneath the surface, the last thing I see is the willow bending over me, branches held out in blessing. Then I became one with the river…








6 Responses to “Tears.”

  1. Thanks Lindsey. 😀


  2. Thanks, LightObserver. 😀


  3. Hauntingly beautiful Kate 🙂


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