Tears…part II

A letter to my sweet love.

As slow as a gentle breath of wind, the tear falls from my eye to land upon the paper and blur the words written there. Not that I’d got past “My dear sweetheart…” but all the same the ink swam into indecipherable swirls.

Would I ever get past those three words, would the tears stop long enough for me to do so? It was doubtful. My heart was full of sorrow, like an overfull dam that had burst, letting free a torrent that felt as if it would never end.

But it did end – eventually. and once again I look up my pen and a fresh sheet of paper and wrote those fateful words once more. Slowly, with many hitches and spluttering of the nib, I finished my letter, sealed it in an envelope and completed the ritual by affixing a stamp.

I moved over to the window and stared out at the bright red beacon of the pillar box. Its slot appeared to be a wolf’s grin, waiting ready to swallow my life whole.








One Response to “Tears…part II”

  1. Thanks Lindsey 😀


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