Learn how to live, not just survive

To be different in this place is hell,

More so when the city you live in is demon infested.

To survive is hard, to live impossible.

Mute from birth and of mixed race heritage, life on the run is all Jeremiah Tully knows. Despised for his inability to speak and his “impure” background, only the silver flute left to him by a mother he’s never known gives him solace.

His ability as a musician is astonishing, but there’s one melody he dare not play. Inscribed on the flute is a Tripolas, or music of the soul – what would happen if he played it. Would it free the city of its demons, or destroy it entirely? 

Only one way to find out.

An overheard conversation, an unexpected meeting, propels Jeremiah on a perilous journey towards the Land of Midnight Days.

Available now, YA urban fantasy

Miss it – miss out






One Response to “Learn how to live, not just survive”

  1. Thanks Lindsey 😀


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