He can run, but he cannot hide.

Life can be hard, especially when the city you live in is infested by demons. It can be even harder when you’re “different.”

Mute from birth and of mixed race heritage, Jeremiah Tully spends his life running from threat to threat. A talented musician in a world filled with bitterness and hatred towards those who excel, Jeremiah knows how to survive, but not how to live.

Then one day things change when he meets a man who turns out to be his half brother. At last he’s met someone he can forge a bond with, someone he can claim as family…  but Zeb Tully is not what he appears to be. Hidden deep within him is a secret so terrible, it causes Jeremiah to flee into ever more danger and despair.

Even the charmed silver flute, gifted to him by his absent mother, cannot save him from his ultimate fate.

Coming soon, ya urban fantasy

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