What’s your tipple…

…genre wise?

Are you a fan of chick lit, murder mysteries, true life, speculative fiction? In other words, what’s your favourite read and why.

It’s always intrigued me why people read what they read. What attracts them to such diverse publications, from Mills and Boon, to Tolstoy.  I have quite eclectic tastes, ranging from crime right the way up to Fantasy. I’m an avid fan of Dean Koontz, Terry Pratchett, Nora Roberts, Jim Butcher, Robin Hobb, and many, many more.

I can’t give a single answer as to why these greatly differing authors can draw me in and make me live and breathe their prose. All I know is that they provide me with what I crave: imagination, colour, an escape from reality. They inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry. Anger, sadness, longing, joy, it’s all there sitting on my bookshelves and since I acquired a Kindle reader, I can take them with me wherever I go.

So, what makes you want to read what you read? Sit back, drink in one hand, book in the other and enjoy.











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