What is it publishers/agents want?

Damned if I know. Having said that, the current trend seems to be vampires and werewolves, teenage vampires and werewolves, who despite being hundreds of years old, suffer from teenage angst – go figure?

I’ve nothing against the above, although as reading material they’re not my cup of tea, but hey – each to their own. What does worry me though, is the tendency, or so it appears, for publishers and agents to shy away from anything new or fresh. They seems to be caught on a treadmill, only publishing what they think will sell. Fair enough, they’re there to make money, but fiction is in danger of stagnating as a result.

So come on guys, time to wake up to fresh ideas and give the readers a chance to expand their horizons. Take a chance, you might just be glad you did.








6 Responses to “What is it publishers/agents want?”

  1. Yeah, I agree (although I did write a vampire book). You shouldn’t chase trends. Actually, I’m kind of inclined to think that you should do the opposite.


  2. Yes but remember, although the current fad is for vamp novels, everyone has gotten on that band wagon, it’s so old hat now that the backlash is just around the corner. What speaks is quality, which Midnight has in spades, unfortunately publishers nowadays are so wary and unwilling to take a punt on anything too original. It’s the same in movies, they keep going back to the same old tired formulas in the hope they won’t lose money. Basically, in the current financial climate…most of them have lost their backbone!


  3. What you say is true, vampires will soon be retreating back into their coffins, but something even more hackneyed will probably take their place. Yes, sadly publishers and agents do seem to have lost the will to be original.


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