Trains, planes and ideas.

As a writer I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas. Most of my week is taken up by my job and once I enter the hallowed portal of my employers, there’s precious little time for daydreaming or looking for inspiration.

So what do I do? As I drive to work, I travel along a road that overlooks the River Mersey. Despite its reputation for being polluted, from that distance in the early hours of the morning, the view is stunning. Across the water stands  Birkenhead, its plethora of buildings rearing up into the dawn sky. Above it is the sun tinged skies, filled with clouds displaying various hues of orange  running into pink, against a pale blue backdrop. Who wouldn’t be inspired by such a sight?

Below this lies the waters of the Mersey itself. Sometimes calm as a millpond it reflects the heavenly glory above it like a highly polished mirror. Then the scene shifts and changes. The sky is cloaked in greyness, edged with threatening black. The waves become choppy, swirling around the buoys placed to warn the unwary traveler against the treacherous sandbanks. Boats rock from side to side, but ships sail on unperturbed by the roughness all around them. Seagulls hang in the turbulent air, screaming out their rage and frustration.

Then the metamorphose begins again. Merry little wavelets, capped with white foam like lace bonnets, skip and hop. The seagulls settle on the surface, bobbing back and forth as if they’re figures let loose from some surrealistic merry-go-round.

My journey to work is almost done, but not until I pass the smooth green mound of a hill, dappled by the racing shadows of the clouds, interspersed with patches of sunlight. There’re no buildings on this hill, it lies naked of anything other than smooth green grass, mysterious and enticing, an island of nature amidst the clashing steel and cacophony of the nearby docks.

A kaleidoscope of images, colours and shapes, the River Mersey has its own kind of beauty – different, yes and not to everyone’s taste – but it fills my eyes with wonder and enchantment.


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  1. Thanks guys. 😀


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