The glory that is a cat.

Have you ever considered the glory of a cat,

how marvelous and wonderful they are

at being just themselves with scarce a care,

for anyone else who happens to be there.

How trim and neat they keep their coat,

how smug they are and seem to gloat.

How sweet they are when they choose to be,

how warm and cosy on your knee.

The glory of a cat does not end,

even when they drive you round the bend.


5 Responses to “The glory that is a cat.”

  1. Mmmm… this is definitely how our cat wants to be seen, it’s what’s going on inside her head that worries me!!
    Lovely verse Kate 🙂


  2. Know what you mean. They’re devious and cunning. 😀


  3. Thanks, Sophie. 😀


  4. Ryan Holmes Says:

    :-p Great verse but dogs are better! 🙂


    • I like dogs too, but they’re too much work. Walking and so on, a cat looks after itself. Having said that, Meg’s just brought another bloody mouse in! 😀


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