Self publishing – the way to go?

There still seems to be a certain kind of snobbery about self-publishing, or maybe a kind of jealousy surrounding writers who’ve taken this route. Granted some e books are appallingly written, which would indicate their authors are motivated by the prospects of making money and or gaining fame, so consequently sell the readers short by publishing utter and complete rubbish. Alternatively they’re so self-deluded they think they’re a literary genius and anything they write is bound to be snapped up.

That said, some really good writers, nay even excellent writers, are now emerging through the medium of self publishing. These are authors committed to giving their readers stories they can really get to grips with. Some nay-sayers accuse these writers of being deluded and “crap” at what they do, even when it’s self-evident this isn’t the case. Why the negativity? This brings me back to jealousy. Are these people the aforementioned self-deluded, who cannot bear to see their own work up against quality writing? Whatever the answer, self-publishing is on the up and up. Readers are not fools and will soon sort the wheat from the chaff. And has been proven, it’s perfectly possible to become a successful self-published writer and even travel the road from e book to mainstream publishing.


5 Responses to “Self publishing – the way to go?”

  1. I agree! There are good and bad self-published books, but there are also good and bad traditionally published books. As far as I can see, the line of ‘quality’ between the two routes is becoming increasingly blurred as self-publishers become more savvy and trad publishers become increasingly marketing-focused rather than editing-focused. (As it happens, I wrote a little about this in my blog last Sunday!)


    • Yes, sometimes it seems quality suffers at the hands of quantity. As I’ve said before, it seems there’s an increasing view amongst some writers that editing doesn’t matter. I can’t understand this point of view. Surely excellence should be the watchword. It’s doing readers a great disservice not to offer them the best possible.


  2. Thanks for the “like”, Lindsey. 😀


  3. I agree, just because you’re self-published doesn’t mean your work is going to be sub-standard and just because a book is traditionally published doesn’t guarantee it’s excellence. Which ever route you take you need to make sure your work is the best you can possibly get it which does mean editing, you owe it to yourself, your MS and most importantly to your readers.
    Another great post Kate, 🙂


    • Thanks, Lindsey. I have to admit I’m sick and tired of hearing the perpetual cry of: The story is king. Yes it is, but in order to retain its throne the story needs to be polished, with correct grammar, punctuation etc. It needs to shine!


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